Asaana Mobile is passionate about Ghana going green and building a network of recycling champions across the country who share in that vision and are willing to make a change in their own small way.

You can join the good cause by simply completing the Recycling program registration

The change begins with you and me.

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The future is scary. As we already know, there is projected to be more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050.

If we do not make a concious effort to curb this trend, this unfortunate scary movie will come into reality.

This is especially true in Africa and Ghana is no different.


By Muntaka ChasantOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link


To drive this initiative of building a culture of recycling in the average Ghanaian, we encourage individuals, families, small to medium enterprises and large organizations enrol.

Signing up involves completing the Recycling program registration process


Registration covers:

  • List your preferred collection point(s) – full address needed (incl. GhanaPost GPS address)
  • Select all recycling options of interest:
    • Plastic bottles and cups
    • Sachets
    • Polythene bags
    • Glass
    • Cans
    • Paper
  • Confirm preferred collection frequency:
    • daily
    • weekly
    • bi-weekly
    • monthly


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